Toll Company has one of the largest fleets of welding and construction rental products available. Our team of experienced welders and technicians can not only help you select the correct equipment but have the knowledge to also set the equipment up, run the equipment, and provide training.

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Equipment Rental

Welding Equipment

We have a large selection of welding and cutting equipment. When you need the right equipment for your project, we can help you with all your equipment needs

  • 150A-200A Stick/TIG Inverters
  • 300A Class Inverter Power Sources (Single, 4-pack, or 6-pack)
  • 350A Multioperator units with DC distribution boxes
  • 400A Class Inverter Power Sources (Single, 4-pack, or 6-pack)
  • 600A Class Power Sources (Single, 4-pack, or 6-pack)
  • Voltage Sensing Wire Feeders


lincoln electric welding generator
Equipment Rental

Advanced Process Equipment

Multi-process capabilities for welding on aluminum, stainless and nickel.

  • Powerwave 355M/ S350/ S500 power sources
  • Powerfeed 25M wire feeders
  • Thousands of feet of coaxial and link-net cabling
  • STT Advanced process panels
Equipment Rental


No power immediately available? Bring the power directly to your project with one our our generators.

  • 250A Class Gas-Powered welder/generator
  • 250A Class LP-Powered welder/generator
  • 300A Class Gas-Powered welder/generator
  • 500A Class Diesel-Powered welder/generator
  • 4-Light tower w/ 225A Welder/Generator
Welding Power Distribution Minneapolis
Equipment Rental

Power Distribution

You will not get very far on a welding project without the appropriate power, when you need it, where you need it. We have the equipment needed to power your job site. 

  • 480V Distribution Panel – 6 x 480V outlets
  • 480V Step Down Panel – 2 x 250V, 24 x 120V outlets
  • 230V Turtle Distribution box w/ 100’ cord – 12 x 120V outlets
  • Dual 1,000W Light stands
  • 480V Primary Extension cords
Equipment Rental

Gas Distribution

Regardless if you have a single portable cylinder or a bulk system, Toll has the equipment to deliver your gas to your process.

  • Gas manifolds systems
  • ½” Bull hose
  • ¼” Hose
  • Regulators
  • Flowmeters
  • Vaporizers
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Equipment Rental

On-Site Inventory Management

We can provide you with a job site trailer that is just like a warehouse on wheels! Our trailers are a secure and convenient way to access your inventory without disrupting your workday and we will keep it stocked for you!

  • Towable Trailers
  • Conex boxes
About Us

Our Rental Team

We are customization specialists. Every job has unique needs. We are here to make sure the equipment works for your project from start to finish. You’ll get more than a rental from us. You’ll get a dedicated support team no matter the size or location of the project.


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