Get Your Motor Running

Working on your dream motorcycle? Finally restoring that muscle car? Maybe you’re customizing a single-craft airplane. Whatever your motor vehicle project, Toll Gas has the automotive welding tools and equipment you need to get the job done and the auto body welding supplies needed to move your project from some random miscellaneous parts to a united piece of performance perfection!

Automotive Welding Kits to Get You Started

Hand-selected by the Toll Gas team of experts, we offer the best auto body welding supply kits and auto frame welding equipment around. Whether you are trying to patch a quarter-panel on a 1963 Corvette or attempting to solder a new bracket onto an X-Frame, we can help you put together a top-notch welding equipment package that will provide everything you need to tackle your next car welding project. 

Toll Gas carries the complete lines from the top brands in the automotive welding business, like Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric and ESAB/Victor Technologies. Whether you’re looking for a MIG welder, TIG unit, Stick welder or plasma cutter, we have what you need for any job, any size, from light shop work to heavy industrial.

Stay Smart and Safe with the Right Welding Equipment and Training

A commitment to safety is rooted in all we do at Toll Gas. That is why we sell the best welding safety equipment available on the market today. From the advanced technology of the Lincoln line of helmets and eye protection to the high-performance gloves and aprons of Black Stallion brand, Toll Gas is the one-stop shop for welding supplies that will provide superb performance, superior durability and exceptional protection. 

New to automotive welding? Toll Gas offers comprehensive, hands-on welding demonstrations taught by the pros and designed to get you up-to-speed on proper, effective welding technique quickly and safely. Visit one of our locations or schedule an onsite demonstration for beginning welders here

Are your car welding skills more advanced? Toll Gas can help there, too! We also offer welding classes designed for the more seasoned auto welder who’s looking to expand their skill set, learn how to operate a new welding system, or thinking about moving towards certification status.


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