Hirebotics Robots Multiply your Welding Workforce

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Toll Gas Gives you a Competitive Advantage by Making Robotic Welding Affordable

Toll Gas robots help manufacturers produce more with the welders you already have. We offer reliable and inexpensive robotic automation solutions including Hirebotics robot systems, full system installation, repairs and parts in Minnesota.

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Toll Gas Gives you a Competitive  Advantage by Making Robotic  Welding Affordable

App Based Cobot Teaching

Use the intuitive Hirebotics iPhone or Android App to easily teach and program the cobot your specific welding requirements. Whether you’re buying your first robot or adding to your existing line, Hirebotics robot systems can be setup in just one hour.

App Based Cobot Teaching

High Quality Robotic Welding

The efficiency of welding cobots allows your company to be able to accept more jobs or speed up your time-to-market. The faster time-to-teach makes small batch manufacturing affordable and efficient.

High Quality Robotic Welding
What is Included in the Cobot Welder Package?

What is Included in the Cobot Welder Package?

  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot(51″ reach)
  • Miller Cobot Welding Package, including an Invision
    352 MPa pulsed welder and S74 feeder
  • Tregaskiss Tough Gun MIG welding gun
  • Hirebotics’ Smart Puck for software-free teaching
  • Siegmund 48″ x 32″ welding cart (size options)
  • Operator panel with emergency stop for quick program start

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We’ll partner you with a welding expert for a demonstration of robotic welders. We encourage you to bring your own part to weld and test at our demo.

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Robotic Welding Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to know about safety when cobot welding?

    While cobots have numerous safety features built-in and do not require safety cages like traditional automation, there are some important safety items to keep in mind when cobot welding.

    Most importantly and just like manual welding, your welders need proper PPE. You’ll also want to make sure you protect your welders with arc flash protection like you do for your manual weld stations. And don’t forget fume extraction.

  • What is the lead time to get a Cobot Welder?

    Generally, our lead time is approximately 2 weeks from receiving your PO. Reach out to us at any time about our current lead time if you need a system sooner!

  • How fast can I weld with a cobot?

    The maximum speed of the cobot is approximately 1 meter per second. However, the Cobot Welder utilizes the built-in safety controller of the Universal Robots UR10e to limit the maximum speed during welding to approximately 110 inches per minute. If you need to weld faster, reach out so we can understand your needs a bit more.

  • What is the reach of the cobot?

    The cobot used in the Cobot Welder is the Universal Robots UR10e. It has a maximum reach of approximately 51″. Each joint has full 360º rotation.

  • Will Cobot Welder weld my parts?

    It depends on numerous factors including the type of material, type of welding, part size, and more. The best way to know for sure is to reach out to us for a demo so we can best assess your application needs.