Gas Cylinders & Tank Sizes

Buying compressed gas cylinders should be easy. Toll Gas offers a wide variety of high-pressure and low-pressure gas cylinders. We are your source for Your source for small to medium sized liquid gas consumption.

High Pressure Cylinders

High Pressure Cylinders come in a variety of sizes and pressures to suit the volumes and pressures you require. Typical high pressures cylinders range from 2,200psi – 2,600psi. 3,000psi and 6,000psi cylinders are also available for specific applications. Siphon options are available on most of the Carbon Dioxide cylinder sizes.

Gas Cylinders & Tank Sizes
Volume (scf)204080125150200300335485
Height (inches)141732434751555151
Diameter (inches)5.257777.499.259.259.25
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High Pressure Cylinder Packs

High Pressure Cylinder Packs can provide large volumes of gaseous product, for various applications. This package greatly reduces the downtime from employees changing out empty cylinders for full. Packs also reduce cylinder deliveries and rental charges. Toll has a variety of sizes and types of gas that can be provided in this package.

Gas Cylinders & Tank Sizes
Number of Cylinders & Nesting Description6 (2×3)8 (4×2)12 (4×3)18 (5x4x5x4)
Volume (scf)1800240036005400
Cylinder Height (inches)55555555
Pack Diameter (inches)50.5”W x 21.25”D x 79”H69”W x 21.25”D x 79”H41”W x 31”D x 79”H52”W x 48”D x 76.5”H
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Low Pressure Cylinders

Low Pressure Cylinders come in a variety of sizes and pressure ranges. Propane cylinders are approximately 109psi, Propylene 137psi and Acetylene 250psi. When temperatures drop, these pressures can drop if stored in below zero temperatures.

Gas Cylinders & Tank Sizes
Volume (scf)20336010072763105
Height (inches)1927444922334448
Diameter (inches)12121215691215
Gas Cylinders & Tank Sizes
Volume (scf)10406060110-140130-250350-420
Height (inches)132022.525343846
Diameter (inches)466.96.981012
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Cryogenic Dewars

Cryogenic Dewars are a perfect fit for both liquefied and gaseous applications. The LD Dewars are typically used to transfill/store Liquid Product from a large Cryogenic Dewar for portable applications. The Cryogenic Dewars can be used for either liquefied or gaseous applications and can range in delivery pressure from 22psi to 500psi. The volumes can be 12 times what you could expect from a high pressure cylinder. Depending on the application, this package could provide a costs savings on product, rent, delivery charges, and change-outs.

Gas Cylinders & Tank Sizes
Volume (scf/L/Lbs)4003 scf3451 scf160 L384 Lbs.240 L
Height (inches)63.559.6586454.8
Diameter (inches)202020207.4
Gas Cylinders & Tank Sizes
SIZELD4LD5LD10LD25Classic 25LD35LD50
Volume (L)451025253550
Height (inches)1717.523.525.82.926.332.4
Diameter (inches)7.67.611.415.615.518.818.8
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