Warehouse on Wheels

Job Site Inventory

We can provide you with a job site trailer that is just like a warehouse on wheels. Our trailers are a secure and convenient way to access your inventory without disrupting your workday and we will keep it stocked for you!

  • Towable Trailers
  • Conex Boxes
  • Full Size  Customized Semi-Trailers
A Breakthrough in Industrial Vending Technology!

RoboCrib TX750

A powerful inventory management tool in a flexible vending machine format for dispensing everything from tools and safety supplies to boxes.

  • No Repackaging Needed with Square Bins for Boxes
  • 10 Seconds or Less Dispense Time
  • Automated Purchase Orders
  • Quick Configuration
  • Large 19″ Display
  • Intuitive Biometrics
  • 1,200 lb weight capacity & up to 987 SKUs
  • Few Moving Parts Create Almost Maintenance Free Machine

Asset Tracking Locker System

AutoLocker FX

A customizable asset tracking locker system for items such as laptops, iPads, power tools, gauges or any asset that needs to be tracked. Available with or without recharging capabilities.

  • Easy reconfiguration with rack mounted modular lockers
  • Large see-through windows
  • LED lighting for clear illumination of products inside
  • Motor drive latches
  • Lockers can be numbered
  • Special drawers for laptops, tablets & e-tools
  • Optional 110v power for keeping items fully charged
  • Cooling fans and filtration system to keep items clean and cool 

Our Rental Team

We are customization specialists. Every job has unique needs. We are here to make sure the equipment works for your project from start to finish. You’ll get more than a rental from us. You’ll get a dedicated support team no matter the size or location of the project.


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