Complete customer satisfaction is how I would describe Gene and Toll. The overall quality of the rental equipment is always excellent. Gene’s service to Boldt and his commitment to our needs on day to day operations to major shutdowns is amazing and very much appreciated !!!



I use Toll for numerous reasons. The main reason is the customer service they have. Gene is an exceptional person to work with. I can count on receiving the correct equipment at the correct location exactly when asked for it. I also can count on Toll to be very responsive when I am in a bind or need equipment for an emergent job that happens numerous times with little notice. Besides having competitive pricing, Toll has become a very reliable company for me to go to for any project that needs equipment.


Jamar Company

Toll Gas is an excellent company has outsdanding Customer Service. They are willing to work with Medtronic in providing services even on short notice and this has been an asset to Medtronic. I have worked with Karen Rodning and she is a very good and accomodating individual who is willing to jump the hoops to get us the product(s) we need. She knows her product line very well and we consider Toll Gas as an asset and an intergral local company for Medtronic Plc.

Victor Makori

Medtronic Plc.

I want to give a big "THANK YOU" to Thea and staff there at Toll. While all other gas suppliers that i spoke to either turned me away or didn't even want to take the time to answer a few questions I had because I was not an existing customer or that I didn't own a business, but not Thea. Over the phone I could tell she would be pleasant to work with but when I got to Toll she and her colleagues treated me as if I have been a long time customer. if for nothing else the customer service at Toll Gas is enough to keep me coming back. I will recommend Toll Gas to everyone I know for their gas needs.

Chia Thao

Toll provides excellent customer service, treating customers with the utmost respect. I have truly enjoyed working with Karen and her colleagues over the years and look forward to continue working with them in the forthcoming years. I would highly recommend Toll for their exceptional customer service and quality products.

Kendi Kebaar

Boston Scientific

Our business relies on quick turnaround and service Toll provides us with that, which is critical to us.


Crystal Distribution

Since I work for a very high-volume lab when it comes to chemicals, it is nice to have the confidence and trust in Toll to not only deliver but do it with a smile ;)


Boston Scientific

To sum up service with Toll, it would be reliable, knowledgeable, and dependable.


Consolidated Precision Products

Toll has a broad product line and a local repair service available at a competitive price.


One of the many things I like about working with Toll is their quick response time and their ability to deliver to us on our non-scheduled delivery days when emergencies come up.


Hanson Welding & Mfg

Toll Gas and Welding Supply has been supplying QA1 with all of our welding needs for many years. Toll has assisted QA1 in growing our fabrication division through improving efficiencies, reducing costs, integrating maintenance programs, quick turnaround times on supplies and many more value add aspects. Their representatives are active and present within our company on a weekly basis through professional on-time delivery of our growing gas and welding supply needs. They do a great job of working with us to ensure any and all of our needs are not only met but exceeded. We recommend Toll to any welding/ fabrication business looking for the highest level of support.

Charlie Pehrson


A few members from BSC were able to meet with several individuals at their headquarters– notably Karen and Thea – and we were treated with such an outpouring of friendliness and knowledge of the company. The personnel at Toll have always treated BSC with the utmost respect and professionalism.


Boston Scientific

You have a very knowledgeable team that services our account well; from customer service to the local store, all of the folks are very helpful to CPP. It is a pleasure to deal with a company who strives to be the best gas/hardgoods supplier in the area.


Consolidated Precision Products

Our salesman is knowledgeable and is always going the extra mile for us.


Crysteel Truck Equipment

After buying a 75year old metal fabrication business, we needed a proactive, dynamic welding hardgoods partner that could support our fast paced vision.
The first test was changing our weld environment to keep production robots running without fault.
Toll delivered in ways we hadn’t even thought about. Changes that were minimal in cost with immediate results. A business case dream come true !

After this success, we decided to migrate to Toll for all our bulk-gas needs.
This was the ultimate test for Toll:
3 large outdoor bulk tanks,
New cement pad, fence and plumbing
Over 60 gas cylinders
Average outside temp of -10F with full ice and snow cover
24hr/7days a week production schedule that could not be interrupted

The project was big, risky and mother nature wasn’t helping.
Amazingly, the transition to Toll was flawless. Toll handled all the details, communication and planning without fanfare or burden on our resources.
This simply cemented the fact that we found the perfect partner to propel us into the next business echelon.


Bauer Welding


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