The Difference

Honest Pricing

Even though our competitors might throw in hidden fees or surcharges to increase their margins, it’s something we don’t do. With us, you’ll get a straightforward, low price without any surprises.

The Difference

100% Employee Owned

Every time you interact with Toll Gas, you’ll be talking to an owner. With a stake in every transaction, our team goes beyond the effort of other companies to meet your needs.

The Difference

Industry Pros

Unlike other companies where your rep only knows enough to sell you product, our team members know the products through and through. Thanks to our low employee turnover and routine training, our people can offer demonstrations, set up the product for you and even troubleshoot issues.

The Difference

Full Range of Services

We offer you the convenience of all the services you could need in one shop. Choose from a variety of gases. Select new or rental welding supplies and equipment. Receive the repairs and maintenance you need on existing equipment, and benefit from our safety training, demonstrations, welding classes or facility evaluation.

The Difference

In-House Lab

Need specialty gas formulated to fit your unique purpose? Our ISO 9001 certified lab has you covered. Get lighting fast turnarounds on any mixtures you need from our expert team.


Need Help?

Our team members have years of practice with the equipment and have undergone routine training sessions to stay up to date. They're ready and eager to help you meet your needs.