Automated welding equipment is an inexpensive, modular building block family of portable machines, which provide precise path and constant speed control in any plane or position. Ingenious users solve fabricating problems with standard, interchangeable components at a fraction of the cost of custom designed machines or robots.

Bug-O System VS Manual Welder

Victor Track Cutting Machines

VCM-200 Straight Track

 The versatile VCM 200/201 kits have a tractor machine that can be used on its own track for straight line cutting and a variety of welding operations. Off track and with a radius rod assembly, the VCM 200 can also be used for circle cutting
  • Large thumb screws for hand tight adjustments
  • Dual drive controls and direct speed readout
  • Cone disc drive
  • Constant speed AC induction motor located on the side opposite the torch for cooler, more efficient operation
  • Counter-balanced design allows torch racking distance up to 457.2 mm (18″) from the machine
  • Speed constant over wide range of temperatures
  • Torch holder designed for 35.1 mm (1.38″) barrel diameter torches
  • Flat mounting deck
  • HT (high temperature) packages have the addition of a heat shield
  • HS (high speed) packages have a speed range of 12.7-304.8 cm/min (5-120″/min)
Bug-O Pendulum Weaver for Portable Welding Machine
Bug-O Systems

Bug-O Pendulum Weaver

Pendulum Weaver Unit
• High torque, low inertia motor for precise starts and stops.
• High speed Linear/Pendulum Weaver for weaving, with independent control of right and left dwell times.
• High motor gearing which prevents the cross arm from moving when the unit is turned off.
• Closed loop speed control for adjustable and repeatable control of critical welding parameters.
• Closed loop position control to prevent drift from the weld center position.
• Clutch, to enable rapid installation or replacement of the weaver cross arm.
• Gun mounting group with adjustable racking for accurate positioning of the gun.
• Contactor ON/OFF switch.
• Aluminum rail available in 4’ or 8’ sections; available in rigid, semi-flex or high-flex
• On/Off Magnets (200lbs. of force) attach to the track
• 4 Weld Patterns available



Saddle Motorized Cutting Rental
Mathey Dearmon

Motorized Pipe Bevelers

Want the easiest way to get a perfect cut every time? Motorized Saddle Machines from Mathey Dearman are precise and fast, delivering smooth cuts requiring little or even no grinding. Both experienced and inexperienced welders can benefit from the increased productivity (up to 5 times quicker!) and cut quality of Motorized Saddle Machines compared to traditional hand-cutting or manual machines. Motorized Saddle Machines are available in 115 VAC and 230 VAC for pipe sizes 1 ½” – 48” (38 – 1219 mm) and can operate at increased cutting speeds to use powerful plasma torches. It’s what Mathey Dearman calls PLASMASPEED!.



  • PORTABLE—The light compact unit is an excellent tool for shop or field applications.
  • ACCURATE—Precision spacer bolts, located on both sides of saddle, provide stability and accuracy that result in high-quality cuts every time.
  • EASY SET-UP—Requires little to no operator training to set up and achieve an accurate cut.
  • PROVEN—The saddle, ring gear and cap ring are made of  713 aluminum alloy and hard-coat anodized to create a tough bearing surface for years of accurate cutting  and beveling.
  • ADAPTABLE—Can be used with most oxy/fuel or plasma machine torches with a 1 3/8″ (35 mm) barrel diameter.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Mathey saddle machines have been working in the harshest environments on earth  for more than 80 years
  • Up to 80% FASTER than hand cutting and grinding.

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