Q:   Do I get credit for any unused gas left in my tank when I exchange it for a full tank?

A:   No. When we refill the tank we must empty the contents of the tank before filling it back up. We cannot reuse any gas that may be left in the tank.


Q:   Do you fill CO2 cylinders?

A:  Yes, we are able to fill most CO2 containers including refillable CO2 tanks for beer and kegerators. We are not able to fill CO2 designed for paintball guns or single use containers.


Q:  Do you offer welding classes?

A:   Yes, we offer beginner welding classes a couple times a year at our Plymouth, MN location. To receive a notification when a welding class is scheduled please subscribe to our mailing list found at: https://tollgas.wpengine.com/services/welding-seminars/ 


Q:   How late are your stores open?

A:   Our locations are open until 5:00pm Monday – Friday. Several of our locations are also open on Saturday. Our hours, holiday closings and locations can be found at: https://tollgas.wpengine.com/contact-us/locations/


Q:   What credit cards do you take?

A:   American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa.


Q:   Where are you located?

A:   We have 4 retail locations in the Twin Cities metro. Our headquarters is located in Plymouth, MN. Our locations can be found at: https://tollgas.wpengine.com/contact-us/locations/


Q:   Can I rent a tank for the weekend without opening an account?

A:   No. All rentals must set up an account.


Q: Can I end my tank lease early; before the 5 years is up?

A: Yes, a lease can be ended at any time. Just return the cylinder to any of our locations and we will process the lease termination. A refund may be available for any leases terminated by the end of year 3.


Q:   How do I stop demurrage charges on my account?

A:   Either return the cylinder or contact us to purchase/lease the cylinder.


Q:   What should I do when my lease expires at the end of the 5 years?

A:   You can either renew the lease for another 5 years, contact us to purchase the cylinder if it is available for purchase or return the cylinder to any of our retail locations.


Q:   Are your stores open to the public?

A:   Yes.


Q:   Can I get my tank filled and returned to me?

A:   We recommend exchanging your cylinder. However if you are willing to wait, we have the ability to fill most cylinders at our Plymouth facility. Please be advised that some gases may require a two week turnaround time.


Q:   Can I set up auto-pay on my Toll Account?

A:   Yes, we can set up a monthly auto-payment for any credit cards on file.