Fume Extraction Guns For Welding Exhaust
Lincoln Electric

Fume Extraction Guns

Magnum® PRO fume guns are designed to stand up to high productivity fabrication and production environments. For high amperage semiautomatic welding where long hours of arc time are the norm, choose Magnum® PRO.


Amp: 350 @ 100% duty cycle
Length: 15ft
Cooling: Air Cooled
Wire Diameter: .035 – 5/64in


Miniflex Portable Fume Extractor
Lincoln Electric


The Miniflex® is a light weight, high vacuum portable fume extraction system designed to filter particulate and remove welding fumes. Intended for light duty welding applications, the quiet operation and portability of the Miniflex make this system an ideal solution for confined and hard to reach spaces.

  • Operates on 120V input power
  • Weld current sensor
  • 94 – 135 CFM Airflow
  • 38 lbs.
Mobileflex 200-M Fume Extraction System
Lincoln Electric


The Mobiflex® are low vacuum systems for welding fume extraction and filtration. Their size and mobility make them ideal for smaller manufacturing facilities that require light to medium duty welding fume extraction in variable locations.

  • Operates on 120V input power
  • 13’ Extraction arm installed
  • 735 CFM Airflow
  • Internal Spark Arrestor
  • 181 lbs.

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