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Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters

Cutmaster 42 - PAK 200i

From 1/8 in to 2-3/4in, we have the right size plasma to cut whatever you need. You have your pick of the Thermal Dynamic Cutmaster series including Cutmaster 42, 52, 82, 100, 152 or the PAK 200i.


Cutting Thickness Range:  1/8″ – 2 3/4″
Output Range: 27amps -200amps
Input Range: 120/230V | Single Phase – 380 – 480V  | 3 Phase
Weight: 26 lb units – 490 lb units



Exothermic Slice Torch Kit

 Unlike any other cutting process used today, exothermic cuttings systems can cut, burn or pierce virtually any metallic, non-metallic or composite material such as mild, stainless and alloy steels. Cast iron, aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals. Slag and refactory materials. Punch through concrete or brick. Even if it’s caked with rust, mud or other corrosion, you can cut through nearly anything with the SLICE System.
SLICE  kits provide the versatility for industrial applications. It accommodates a large oxygen cylinder to extend your cutting time. It’s outfitted with a 12-volt AC battery charger to allow the battery source used to ignite the cutting rods to recharge to it’s maximum charge during idle time.
  • Cut almost any material
  • Faster cutting speed than oxyacetylene
  • Slice rods & Oxygen are all you need to start cutting
  • Rods Sizes: 1/4 (22″ & 44″ length) or 3/8″ (18″ & 36″ length)

Burning Bars

Burning Bars can be used to rapidly cut virtually any material that will oxidize or melt. The 7500° F tip temperature is 2000° F hotter than an oxy/fuel torch. Burning Bars require a special holder to attach the burning bar to the oxygen source. The Lever Action holder is designed to grip the burning bar to hold it in the holder and at the same time seal the burning bar to prevent oxygen leaks.


  • Level action bar holder w/ Thermal shut off and ball valve
  • Burning Bars available in Standard 10’ 6” length or special order 5’ 3” length
  • Optional hand shield available




Air Carbon Arc Gouging

We can take care of all your metal removal needs with our Air Carbon Arc Gouging equipment.


  • Electrodes: Pointed | Jointed | Flat | Half Round
  • Electrode Sizes: 5/32″ | 3/8″ | 3/16″ | 5/8″
  • Max Amps: 1,000
  • Air Requirement: 80psi
  • Flow Rate: 25 cfm
  • Cable Lengths: 7ft with quick connection kit
  • Head Assembly: 4 hold single head




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