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Sculpting Your Vision

Trends like the steampunk movement and new metallic finishes showing up from jewelry to interior design have fostered a renewed interest in creating both large and small metal sculptures. Whether you’re an experienced industrial artist looking to take your sculptures to the next level or trying out a new hobby, Toll Gas carries a full line of welding machines and equipment to help you sculpt your artistic ideas into reality.

Welding Products Selected with the Artist in Mind

Toll Gas offers a wide array of welders to meet your artistic needs. Whether you’re just starting out in metal sculpture and looking for a versatile MIG welder, or you’re a more advanced decorative artist and looking to graduate to the control and precision offered by a TIG welding machine, Toll Gas has the tools that can help you create with confidence.  Creating large scale pieces or planning on using heavy metals? No problem! Toll Gas has the best stick welders from trusted brands like Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric and ESAB/Victor Technologies to handle whatever you’re creating and provide a secure, smooth weld every time. 

Chosen by our welding experts, Toll Gas has hand-picked kits and supplies to get you started on the road to becoming an experienced metal art sculptor. From high-performing welding tools to safety supplies and protective gear, Toll Gas is your one stop shop! 

Creating Art, Staying Safe

Safety is always a factor when using welding tools, and Toll Gas has the safety equipment you need to create your art with assured confidence. We offer top-of-the-line safety products including goggles, helmets, gloves and aprons. Check out our full line of safety equipment

If you’re new to metal sculpture welding but anxious to get started, Toll Gas can help! We are proud to offer classes from beginning welding to more advanced levels to compliment your skills, assist you in learning new techniques and get you sculpting with metal in no time.


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