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Welding & Cutting Machines

TIG Welders

  • Light Industrial CC, AC/DC, 1PH
  • Light Industrial CC, DC, 1PH
  • Industrial, CC, AC/DC, 3PH/1PH
  • Heavy Industrial CC, AC/DC, 3PH/1PH
  • Heavy Industrial CC, AC/DC, 1PH
Welding & Cutting Machines

Stick Welders

  • Light Industrial CC, AC/DC, 3PH/1PH
  • Light Industrial CC, AC/DC, 1PH
  • Light Industrial CC, DC, 1PH
  • Industrial CC, DC, 3PH/1PH
  • Heavy Industrial CC,DC, 3PH
Welding & Cutting Machines

Engine Drives

  • Light Industrial CC, DC
  • Industrial CC/CV, AC/DC
  • Heavy Industrial CC/CV, DC
  • Heavy Industrial CC/CV, AC/DC
  • Heavy Industrial CC, DC
Welding & Cutting Machines

Plasma Cutters

  • Light Industrial DC, 3PH/1PH
  • Industrial DC, 3PH/1PH
  • Light Industrial with built in Air compressor DC, 3PH
  • High Definition Plasma DC, 3PH
  • Automated High Precision Plasma Cutting DC, 3PH
  • Automated Plasma DC, 3PH/1PH
Welding & Cutting Machines

Gas Apparatus & Arc Gouging

  • Oxygen & Acetylene Torch kits
  • Oxygen & alternative fuel kits
  • Slice Exothermic Cutting Equipment
  • Air Arc Gouging Equipment
  • Portable Cutting Machine Torches
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Welding & Cutting Machines

Advanced Process

  • MIG-STT, DC, 3PH
  • Advanced Compact Multi-Process power Source w/ Integrated wire feeder CC/CV, DC, 1/3PH
  • Advanced Multi-Process Power Source CC/CV, 3PH
  • Production Monitoring Advanced Multi-Process welder CC/CV, DC, 1/3 PH
  • Advanced Module CC/CV, STT, AC/DC
Welding & Cutting Machines

Welding Fume Control

  • Portable, High Vacuum
  • Unfiltered Extraction
  • Mobile Self Cleaning System
  • Stationary Systems Heavy Duty Multi- Arc
  • Convenient Wall Mounted System
  • Self-Cleaning Wall Mounted System
  • Down Draft Tables
  • Modular Extraction Hood
  • High Efficiency Fume Extraction System
Welding & Cutting Machines


  • Light Industrial CC/CV, 1PH
  • Heavy Industrial CC/CV DC, 3
  • Heavy Industrial CC/CV, DC 3PH/1PH
  • Heavy Industrial CC/CV, DC, 3
Welding & Cutting Machines

Preferred Vendors

Other Preferred Vendors:
H & M Pipe, Mathey Dearman, Bugo, Weldmark, Build Pro, Tweco, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc


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