Forging Onward

Perhaps you’ve been a strict adherent to the forge welding traditions of the past and now looking to expand the quality and quantity of your craft. Or maybe you’ve always been one to embrace modern technology when it comes to your metalworking projects and are looking to try out a new stick welder or a oxy-acetylene torch for your next ornamental project. Whatever welding tools you choose, Toll Gas has the blacksmithing tools and equipment to turn metal into vision. 

Blacksmith Welding Kits to Get You Started

At Toll Gas, we respect the proud traditions of forge welding techniques and original blacksmithing methods. We make sure to choose welding equipment and supplies that produce the same top quality, hand-crafted results for which blacksmithing metal work is known. Our stick welders and oxy-acetylene torch machines provide you with maximum function and control and yield high-level, secure results. 

Toll Gas offers the best lines in blacksmithing and welding supplies from brands like Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, and ESAB/Victor Technologies and options for both light and heavy industrial units to offer you the flexibility and range you need to complete any project with confidence.

Modern Safety Equipment for Today’s Blacksmith

Toll Gas is committed to offering the most technologically advanced safety equipment on the market today. Our suggested blacksmith welding kits include state-of-the-art helmets designed to offer full protection from light emissions and sparks, while still giving you full functionality. Our blacksmithing kits also include several options for protective gear including aprons and gloves from the trusted Black Stallion line to ensure you stay fully protected when creating your masterpieces.

If you’re new to blacksmithing and welding, Toll Gas offers a complete line of courses in beginning welding and blacksmithing to help you start your project safely, securely, and successfully. If your skills are more on the advanced side, we can help you start perfecting your craft with our seminars designed to take your blacksmithing skills to the next level.


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