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Do-it-Yourself with the Right Tools

Whether you’re looking to get into metal art sculpture or make specialized repairs around your home, Toll Gas has the welding supplies you need to become a successful do-it-yourself welder. With a full line of welding units from the top brands in the business like Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric and ESAB/Victor Technologies, we have all the equipment, tools and information you need to get you started on the road to DIY welding excellence!

Welding Products Selected with You in Mind

Toll Gas offers a wide array of welding units to meet your DIY challenge. Looking for a versatile unit? A MIG welder is a great unit for you. If you’re a more advanced welder, a TIG welding machine might be the right machine for you. Toll Gas has the tools that can help you become a fix-it expert in no time. 

Chosen by our welding experts, Toll Gas has hand-picked kits and supplies to get you started on the road to becoming an experienced do-it-yourself welder. From high-performing welding tools to safety supplies and protective gear, Toll Gas is your one stop shop!

Staying Safe While Getting the Job Done

Safety is always a factor when using welding tools, and Toll Gas has the safety equipment you need to complete your projects with assured confidence. We offer top-of-the-line safety products including goggles, helmets, gloves and aprons. Check out our full line of safety equipment.

If you’re new to welding but anxious to get started, Toll Gas can help! We are proud to offer classes for beginners to the more advanced to compliment your skills, assist you in learning new techniques and help you tackle your own welding projects in no time.


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