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Firewall Cylinder cagepropane cage

Gas Cylinder cages

  • High pressure cages: 12 cyl, 16 cyl, or 20 cyl
  • Available with or without firewall
  • Forklift pockets and lifting eyes
  • 18 cylinder 20 lb. LP cages
Firewall Cylinder cartLiquid cart

Cylinder Carts

  • 2 wheel cylinder carts with built in firewall
  • 1,000 lb. Lifting eye
  • 16” pneumatic wheels w/ no-flat
  • Lockable storage box
  • Adjustable hook for easy loading
  • Front-loading design for easy movement of cylinder
Edge Regulator


  • Inert, Oxygen, or Fuel Gas
  • High Flow Regulators
  • ½” outlet to supply directly to manifold
  • ¼” outlet available to supply direct to machine

Gas Manifold

  • Inert, Oxygen, or Fuel Gas Manifolds
  • ½” inlet hose connects into ball valve
  • Up to (8) x ¼” outlet hose connects w/ valve

Gas Hose

  • Inert, Oxygen, or Fuel Gas hose
  • 50’ ¼” hose sections with couplers
  • 50’ ½” hose sections with couplers
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