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Toll Gas provides Minneapolis oxygen supply services with world class service.

Oxygen (O2)

Oxygen (O2) is commonly used, with or instead of air, to increase the amount of oxygen available for combustion or biological activity. This increases reaction rates and leads to greater throughput in existing equipment and smaller sizes for new equipment.

Oxygen has numerous uses in steelmaking and other metals refining and fabrication processes, in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum processing, glass, and ceramic manufacture, and pulp and paper manufacture. It is used for environmental protection in municipal and industrial effluent treatment plants and facilities. Oxygen has numerous uses in healthcare, in hospitals, outpatient treatment centers, and home use.

Oxygen Supply Quote

  • Industrial, Medical & Specialty Gases
  • Locally Owned & Operated

Oxygen USP

Thousands of clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities rely on our Oxygen gas service and respiratory therapy gases to help patients breathe. Our customers expect the highest quality medical gases and equipment, and the most comprehensive service — which we can deliver.

We provide USP grade oxygen and bulk oxygen storage equipment to medical facilities, for the prevention and treatment of insufficient oxygen in the blood (hypoxia and hypoxemia).

Oxygen USP

Benefits of our Bulk Oxygen Supply

A bulk storage delivery system is the answer for a large, reliable, and uninterrupted supply of gas and liquid for your application. Installed at your site, this delivery system is an alternative to multiple cylinders, cylinder packs, or dewars as your volume increases. Bulk systems are available in a variety of sizes and flow capacities and will be designed to fit your application.

  • Uninterrupted Supply Remote Tank Monitoring (telemetry provided)
  • Reduced Product Price Larger gas volumes equates to pricing discounts
  • Cost Savings Eliminates cylinder change-out / downtime and reduces deliveries
  • Safety Eliminates chance of injury from handling cylinders
  • Uninterrupted Supply Tank filled outside, and no cylinder exchanges needed

State-of-the-art affordable gas supply & delivery

In 2022, we launched our state-of-the-art Absolute Air plant, so we can meet the highest standards of quality, affordability, and customer service. Whatever your gas service needs, Toll Gas can help you get there, find out how.

  • Industrial Gas
  • Medical Gas
  • Speciality Gas
  • Bulk & Prepackaged Gas
State-of-the-art affordable gas supply & delivery

The Trusted Gas Brand for 75 Years

Toll Gas is a locally owned company specializing in providing gases and welding supplies to industries and medical organizations. We have been in this business for over 75 years and have become one of the trusted gas and welding equipment sources in Minnesota, Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities metro area.

Our ultimate ambition is to provide large company resources to our customers while keeping the small company atmosphere. In addition, it allows us to provide great customer service. At Toll Gas, our portfolio of products and services includes industrial gases, medical gases, specialty gases, welding supplies, cutting equipment, safety equipment, filler metals, welding equipment, and abrasives.

We have a repair center staffed by highly qualified and certified service technicians with expertise in this sector. Apart from that, to make things easy and respond to the emergency needs of our customers, we have delivery trucks to supply goods on that day or the next day.

Medica Oxygen Gas Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a safety sheet for your oxygen supply?

    Oxygen safety sheet here. Oxygen, Refrigerated Liquid safety sheet here.

  • What type of Oxygen mixtures do you provide?

    Oxygen (>23.5%) In Argon, Helium Or Nitrogen.

    Oxygen (<19.5%) In Argon, Helium Or Nitrogen.

    Oxygen (19.5-23.5%) In Argon, Helium, Or Nitrogen.

    Or Contact Us for your requirements.

  • Do you rent or lease Oxygen cylinders?

    Yes, Toll Gas rents and leases oxygen cylinders; more information available here.

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